Mission & Goal

In 2021, the “Our Future, Our Vote” campaign was developed to directly engage African Americans aged 17-40 in New York City. The mission of this vibrant and impactful initiative aims to amplify civic knowledge, engagement, and political empowerment within Black communities throughout NYC. More than just a campaign, it is a movement designed to inspire and foster a generation of informed voters and active citizens. Understanding that there is no single path to freedom, we must use each and every tool at our disposal to achieve self-determined liberation for all people across the Diaspora.

As part of our efforts to achieve a more civically engaged community, CLSJ interns and staff regularly host

  • Community Phone Bank Nights
  • Lunch & Learn Voter Education Series
  • Dine & Develop Voting Rights Workshops

Our goal is to ensure that voters in marginalized communities are informed about elections and empowered to use their votes effectively.

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Community Phone Banking

Our goal is to have 100 calls made daily until June 24th. With your support we can reach the goal.

                                                25 people making 4 calls

                                                20 people making 5 calls

  100 calls / Day    =            10 people Making 10 calls

                                                5 people making 20 calls

                                                2 People Making 50 calls

Available Dates:

June 6th 6p-9p    June 12th 6p-9p      June 17th 6p-9p     June 21st 6p -9p

June 7th 6p-9p     June 13th 6p-9p     June 18th 6p-9p     June 22nd 9a-2p

June 8th 9a-2p     June 14th 6p-9p     June 19th 6p- 9p    June 24th 6p-9p

June 10th 6p-9p   June 15th 9a-2p     June 20th 6p-9p


Join us for our Virtual Phone Bank! Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for your seat.
  2. Log into Zoom.
  3. Get trained in just 15 minutes.
  4. Start dialing!

After your quick training session, we’ll provide you with the contacts to call and the scripts to use. Plus, you’ll be part of a GREAT community-building atmosphere. We can’t wait to have you with us!

If your organization would like to collaborate and partner with us, please email info@clsj.org .

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Voter Education Programs

CLSJs Voter Education series starts on May 16, 2024, with a workshop titled “Rallying for Rights: A Guide to Understanding Black Voters, Protest Movements, & their Impact on the Ballot.” The workshop will be held in person from 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM at 1534 Bedford Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11216.

This series is a critical component of the Our Future, Our Vote” campaign—a vibrant and impactful CLSJ initiative to empower New Yorkers of African heritage, aged 18-40 in New York City through civic education and engagement. Each workshop in the series is culturally responsive and intentionally designed with the particular needs of our community in mind.

Kylie-Nilah Richardson, the founder of Chuck’s Round Table, will co-facilitate the workshops. As a dynamic youth speaker and Changemaker Awardee ’24, she empowers young people by amplifying civic engagement and systemic awareness, ensuring an impactful learning experience for all participants.

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Join us for an enlightening and impactful discussion on the critical issues surrounding mass incarceration and voting rights. In this session 2 of our voter education series, Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq., Executive Director Center for Law and Social Justice, Medgar Evers College, CUNY will interview Minerva Coffie, Recruitment + Partnership Manager, College & Community Fellowship, bringing expert insights and real-world perspectives to the forefront.

Also, Kylie-Nilah Richardson, founder of Chuck’s Round Table, will provide a talk about mass incarceration from a young person’s perspective.

This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in social justice, criminal justice reform, and the intersection of incarceration and voting rights. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and engage in meaningful dialogue.

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Join us on the eve of Juneteenth for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation about Critical Race Theory (CRT) educating Black children and systemic racism. This intimate event will be facilitated by Lurie Daniel Favors and Brian Favors; together they will lead a community conversation about the complexities and intersections of these critical topics and their impact on voting rights for New Yorkers of African descent.

Also, Kylie-Nilah Richardson, founder of Chuck’s Round Table, will provide a talk about CRT from a young person’s perspective.

This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in CRT and in the Black community. This event promises to be an interactive and enriching experience, encouraging participants to engage with the material and each other in meaningful ways. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and join the conversation on these pivotal issues.

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Internship Opportunity

Fall Opportunity Coming Soon


We strongly believe our youth are the future in elevating Black communities. Our internship is designed to empower Medgar students with the knowledge of organizing for voting rights. We teach students the importance of self-advocacy through canvassing and partnering with like-minded grassroots organizations to build power within their own communities.












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