Trusted Messenger

This program is designed to create community-based teams of trusted messengers to act as liaisons between the OFOV campaign and target communities. The liaisons would meet with CLSJ as community reps to discuss concerns, findings, and practical strategies for action as they relate to the needs identified within their communities. Community members would then meet collectively with other messengers from other target communities to discuss common strategies, concerns, and findings as they relate to community needs in order to build the foundation for wider grassroots coalitions between communities. This program would be an opportunity for leadership development/training among a wider audience of community members that will help nurture political power within NYC communities of African descent. This program would also help amplify our campaign efforts by forming a direct line of connection with community members interested in community advocacy and involvement with CLSJ as volunteers.

1. Build coalition/partnership with at least 10 influential community members to help enhance organizing & outreach efforts.
2. Develop Community Leaders with 3 targeted communities of African descent
3. Establish Citywide Messenger Meetings to connect leaders in communities of African descent with one another over actionable discussion.

Specifications – What do we need to make it happen?
1. List of Council District based target communities where we will seek trusted messengers
2. List of institutions & influencers in target communities as potential messengers
3. Trusted messenger training guide
4. Sign Up Form
5. Meeting Space for Citywide Meetings & Material Distribution
6. Distributions Materials & OFOV Swag

I. 5 Trusted Messengers

By attaining 5 trusted messengers across multiple districts, we will be able to increase relational organizing & volunteer base of community influencers that can be mobilized in support of CLSJ outreach & programming efforts.
II. 2 Central Target Communities
By building connections with 2 communities, we will be able to expand the ability of CLSJ to reach multiple communities across NYC & be able to further the OFOV campaign in more substantial ways beyond Brooklyn. Ideally this could be one messenger group in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, & Harlem that helps provide info, conduct outreach, and organize more effective OFOV programming.
III. 3 Citywide Messenger Meetings
During Citywide Messenger meetings, we will be able to discuss, analyze, & organize common experiences, issues, and strategies existing in various NYC communities of African descent. This will allow us to create more holistic methods for enacting programming & outreach for the OFOV campaign.

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Youth Corps

This program is designed to create a standing council/team of invested youth of African descent that meets regularly to discuss the goals, philosophy, & impact of the OFOV Campaign in the communities that we are aiming to serve. Youth Corps members would help to participate and help plan campaign programming within their local neighborhoods to allow us to provide more effective community outreach & engagement. This program would also serve as a type of leadership development/training venue that helps to build a foundation for youth to grow into political leadership by teaching basic tactics for community organizing, outreach, engagement and education. This program is meant to empower youth with a space to make their voices heard and to encourage them to take action & pursue leadership through civic participation via the knowledge, platform, and resources offered by CLSJ.

1. Create a standing council/team of youth participants that meet regularly to discuss the goals, philosophy, & impact of the OFOV Campaign.
2. Youth corps would help to participate/organize outreach, events, and general campaign programming as volunteers.
3. Empower youth with a space to make their voices/concerns heard and to encourage them to take action & pursue leadership through civic participation.

Specifications – What do we need to make it happen
1. Meeting Space & Time
2. Meeting Outlines & Guiding Structures
Topics of conversation that explore topics ex: political theory, comparative politics, & other methods of engagement like mutual aid, demonstration, education, etc.
3. Social Media/Promo Kit
4. Partnership with other youth-led/facing organizations
5. Target Communities
6. Youth Participants
7. Food budget for meetings
8. Youth Corps. Membership Cards
9. OFOV Swag & Materials
10. Training Guides

I. 20 Members (Youth of African Descent, 14 to 21 years old)

By attaining 20 youth participants, we will be able to create a broad relational organizing & volunteer base that is dedicated to fighting for voting rights & civic empowerment in communities of African descent under the CLSJ/OFOV banner.
II. 20 Youth Corps Meetings
Through consistent meetings & communications, we can build a committed foundation for future involvement by youth participants in the work of CLSJ. By having more meetings, we can expand the conversation beyond voting into other CLSJ issue areas that may be of interest to Youth Corps members.
III. 3 Youth Corps Planned Events
By allowing Youth Corps participants to guide the organizing efforts for 3 events, they will become more adept & experienced with the technical aspects of planning, promoting, & executing programs. Ultimately, this will allow the Youth Corps to work in more autonomous ways under larger CLSJ efforts with greater ability & confidence.

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